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AutoCAD Tools

While free, use of these tools continues to put CAD at AutoDesk's mercy. So it is with some trepidation that we maintain this list.

Drawing Libraries

CAD Community and Development

You might call these efforts to non-platform-specific CAD interest groups.

CAD for Linux

These are CAD applications and tools that are specific (or mostly focused) to the Linux operating system.


Free (GPL or at least OSI approved license)

  • BRL-CAD -- Mature 3D modeler and CAD software
  • EngyCAD -- Interesting CAD-ish software, BSD license, Russian focus.
  • exoTK -- "Extension for OpenCASCADE Tool Kit", 0.1beta, GPL.
  • Fandango -- 3D CAD, C++/Python/Qt based, GPL.
  • gEDA -- GPL Electronic Design Automation. Good start for Electronics oriented CAD, GPL.
  • JCad -- JavaCAD. Java based CAD, moderatly developed, GPL.
  • LignumCAD -- Furniture design.
  • PerlCAD -- Alpha.
  • PythonCAD -- Cross-platform, Python/GTK CAD, alpha, GPL. Under active, sustained development.
  • QCAD -- Developed, uses QT libraries. GPL.
  • QSCad -- Electrical design, TCL/Tk, alpha, Artistic License.
  • Xspace -- Prototype CAD utilizing files as entities written in Ruby.

Free but Inactive or Dead

Non-Free (Proprietary or closed-source)


A one time user of DataCAD (for five years, versions 4 through 8.5) I would be remiss if I didn't provide the most important links I found during that time.

CAD Standards

Standards Concepts