These are the features of the current DodoCAD release.

DodoCAD Menu

This section lists the DodoCAD menu items with a brief explanation of each. Letters in parenthesis following some items are their keyboard shortcuts.

  • QuickView Save (VVV) -- Save a QuickView of the current view and layer state.
  • QuickView Restore (VV) -- Restore the previously saved QuickView.
  • Zoom, Extents 95% (ZZ) -- Zoom to 95% of Extents (leaves a narrow area of screen around it).

  • ----------
  • Display Hatch to Back (HTB) -- Move hatch to display at back of drawing.
  • Hatch
  • Polylines
  • Annotation (IIA) -- Insert DodoCAD Annotation from a graphical selection.
  • Attribute Box (ATTBX) -- Draw a 3D rectangle from entered dimensions and with a centered text tag. Use Options to set layer (non-ByLayer) for attribute tag, saved per drawing. (Set back to "0" to restore ByLayer.)
  • Insert from Slide... (II) -- Insert a block using DodoCAD's slide selector.
  • Batt Insulation (BATT) -- Draw batten insulation in section.
  • Circle, 2P (CRR) -- Draw a circle with 2 points.
  • Revision Clouds (REVC) -- Draw revision clouding on the current layer.
  • Rounded Rectangle (RREC) -- Draw a rectangle with corners rounded according to current scale.
  • Square (SQUARE, SQ) -- Draw a square dimensioned by area or side length.
  • Steel Shapes... -- Insert W and C shapes by picking their size in a dialog.
  • Convert
    • Text to Attribute -- Convert single-line Text to an Attribute of the same tag name (minus spaces) and contents.
  • Properties, All Dwg. Entities -- Affects all entities in the drawing.
    • Color ByLayer -- Set all entity colors to ByLayer
    • Elevation 0 -- Set all entity elevations to 0
    • Flatten Z-height (FLATTEN) -- Set common entity Z-coordinate to 0
    • Linetype ByLayer -- Set all entity linetypes to ByLayer
    • Linescale 1 -- Set all entity linetype scales to 1
    • Lineweight ByLayer -- Set all entity lineweights to ByLayer
    • Thickness 0 -- Set all entity thicknesses to 0
    • Plotstyle ByLayer -- Set all entity thicknesses to 0

    • ----------
    • All (above) -- Use all utilities in the submenu at once
  • Attribute Box Edit (ATTBXE) -- Edit the Attribute Box size by entering new dimensions. (Double-click on the text to edit it.
  • Block Fix (BLOCKFIX) -- Make all block sub-entities ByLayer.
  • Block Rename Anonymous -- Rename anonymous blocks to "Blk-" followed by a number.
  • Break At Point (BRR) -- Break an entity into two at a selected point.
  • Copy-Rotate (CPR) -- Rotate while copying.
  • Dimension Text to Home (DDH) -- Move a dimension's text to home position.
  • Duplicate Removal -- Deletes entities duplicated within the drawing or selected window.
  • Join Lines (JOIN, JJ) -- Make lines meet. (Effectively chamfer with a distance of 0.)
  • Polyline Join (PLJ) -- Join lines and polylines into a continuous polyline.
  • Scale Non-uniformly (SCC) -- Scale objects, optionally with dissimilar X and Y values.
  • Wall Trim -- Trim two intersecting pairs of lines as if at a wall intersection.
  • Weld Lines (WELD, WW) -- Weld two lines together as one.
  • Layer Set Add -- Layers common to each discipline.
    • Landscape
      • Plans
    • Architecture
      • Floor plans
      • Ceiling plans
      • Elevations
      • Sections
      • Details
    • Interiors
      • Floor plans
      • Ceiling plans
      • Elevations
      • Sections
      • Details
    • Plumbing
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
      • Site plans
      • Power plans
      • Lighting plans
      • Telecom plans
      • Details
      • Security
  • ----------
  • Filter Delete, All -- Deletes the sometimes cumbersum layer filters that can slow the opening of the layer dialog.

  • ----------
  • Lock Lock Isolate (LLI) -- Lock all but layer of object selected. (Makes layer current.)
  • Layer Unlock (All) (LU) -- Unlock all layers.

  • ----------
  • Xref Layers Set -- Change all Xref layers to the color selected by dialog.
  • Areas of Polylines (AREAS) -- Add a summarized total of selected polylines, rectangles and circles.
  • Count Block Entities -- Count the number of entities within a block.
  • Length of Objects (MLEN) -- Total length of selected objects.
  • Imperial Setup -- Configure drawing settings with conventional Imperial settings.
    • Landscape Architecture -- 1 unit = 1 foot, Architectural units.
    • Architecture -- 1 unit = 1 inch, Architectural units.
    • Engineering -- 1 unit = 1 inch, Engineering units.
  • Metric Setup -- Configure drawing settings with conventional Metric settings. (Note: Please help us refine this on the general mailing list.)
    • Meters -- 1 unit = 1 m, Decimal units.
    • Millimeters -- 1 unit = 1 mm, Decimal units.

  • ----------
  • Load DodoCAD Custom Linetypes -- Load a few custom DodoCAD linetypes.
  • Polyline Width -- Set the global polyline width.
  • Draw RGB Color Blocks... -- Draw a whole series of blocks representing the RGB spectrum.
  • Duplicate Removal -- Attempt to remove duplicate lines by Window or All.
  • Reload All Xrefs (XRR) -- Reload all Xrefs.
  • Slide Make (current drawing) -- Create a slide file of the current drawing in its directory.
About DodoCAD...

DodoCAD Blocks, Symbols, and Linetypes

  • Numerous annotation blocks are now included for most typical annotation.
  • Hand01 linetype -- A wiggly linetype for a hand drawn look.
  • Property linetypes -- Three scales of property (long dash, two short dashes) linetypes.


  • Auto-loader (acaddoc.lsp).
  • Manual loader (dodocad.lsp).
  • Profile loading -- Different users can access different routines, blocks, menus and so forth based on their login name, discipline code or specific profile (such as "standard", "beta", or "alpha").
  • DodoCAD Reloader (DDC) -- Reloads the tool kit. (Useful only for developers.)