1. Download the latest release.
  2. Simply unzip the package and add it's path to your AutoCAD support path (Tools > Options > Files (tab) > Support File Search Path). Restart AutoCAD and you will find the DodoCAD menu loaded and the tools ready to use.

Using DodoCAD With Other Customizations

If you use other customizations that use acaddoc.lsp, be sure to have that path before DodoCAD's, since AutoCAD will only load the first one it finds. In such a case, you must load DodoCAD with one of these altermate methods:

  • Load DodoCAD "manually" from the command line with (load "dodocad.lsp").
  • Load DodoCAD from an existing load script (perhaps the other acaddoc.lsp) with (load "dodocad.lsp").
  • Load DodoCAD by running APPLOAD and selecting the DodoCAD file dodocad.lsp. You can put it into the Startup Suite with the Contents button so it always loads.

Optional Profiles and Discipline Configuration

To set optional subdirectory paths and a discipline code based on username, DodoCAD will read a file ddc-list-userset.lsp if found on the DodoCAD root path. It's format is as follows:

("{username}" "{profile}" "{disciplinecode}")
  • {username} -- Must match the user's login name exactly. (Enter echo %USERNAME% at a command prompt to see the current username.)
  • {profile} -- An optional profile set as the environment variable DDCPROFILE that can be attached to a username. DodoCAD will add a subdirectory with this name to the support path if found below the root DodoCAD path. Useful if you wish to have several configurations of DodoCAD available to different users.
  • {disciplinecode} -- A second optional profile set as the environment variable DDCDISCIPLINE that can be attached to a username. DodoCAD will add this subdirectory to the support path below DDCPROFILE if it exists, or in the DodoCAD root if not. Note: In the future, DDCDISCIPLINE will be used to condition settings, layer names, layer states, and symbology specific to a subset of DodoCAD users within a multi-discipline environment.

The example, is also included in the distributed "ddc-list-userset.example.lsp":

("BobUser" "beta" "a")
("KimUser" "alpha" "a")
("" "standard" "a")

Optional Additional Paths

DodoCAD will add subdirectories of the DodoCAD root path to the support path if listed in a file ddc-list-subpaths.lsp. The path(s) must exist to be added.


DodoCAD aims to support all AutoCAD versions from 14 and above. Unfortunately, platform (in)stability is a serious issue with proprietary software. In fact, the creation of these instabilities generate sales, so it is highly unlikely that we will ever enjoy platform stability for more than about a five year span.

The developers have access to a moderate spread of AutoCAD versions, but we need your feedback. If you find an error or know of an improvement the project needs, please refer to our Contribute page.