"DodoCAD"? What's with the name?

The name is multi-layered, it can have several meanings.

First, there is no guarantee we can ensure that any of these utilities will be functional at any future AutoCAD release. Already, many of our favorite customizations are out of vogue with the newer, shinier tool sets and features being hawked with each new version. Like the bird, DodoCAD may soon be extinct.

Secondly, these tools are hosted within a proprietary application. Without the parent, none of these utilities can be useful. It can't fly on its own!

Finally, there's probably some vague idea associated with finger-pointing CAD users and support, accompanied by the usual name-calling. DodoCAD is trying to make tools so simple that anyone can understand and use them.

There are references in the code to functions and other code that don't seem to exist. Where is it?

The current DodoCAD is actually a ground-up re-write of an extensive set of tools developed over the years. Much of this code was removed in order to satisfy our licensing and ownership concerns for the public release. We hope to add most of its functionality back, but only after careful scrutiny and consideration on our own time. We want DodoCAD to be Free, as stipulated in the license.