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Version 0.7 released!

2007 Sep 16

New features include:

» Updated slide generation for v2007 DWGs
» New Dot4 and Dot8 linetype
» New Inquiry > Length of Objects (MLEN)
» New Inquiry > Block Entity Counting
» New Modify > Text to Attribute converter
» New Attribute Box option for attribute layer
» New Blender3D export
» New Modify > Block Fix (by Allan Wise)
» New Modify > Block Rename Anonymous

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Installation page!

Version 0.6 released!

2006 Feb 28

New features include:

» New polyline join (PLJOIN, PLJ)
» New 2 Point Circle (CRR)
» New distance command (DISTANC)
» Simpler menu layout
» Improved Draw Rounded Rectangle (RREC)
» Improved Rev Cloud (REVC)
» New display Hatch-to-Back (HTB)
» New Tool to draw RGB "color wheel"
» New dimension text to home (DDH)
» New option to load DodoCAD linetypes
» Better language support
» Beginning metric capabilities

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DodoCAD is a set of Free (GPL) tools for AutoCAD.

DodoCAD is a working collection of Free custom AutoCAD utilities with the following features. The project also serves as a framework for further development of these tools, detail libraries, and drawing standards, especially as used in Architecture and Engineering (A&E).

The initial series of releases proves the project's viability, and opens discussion further development possibilities. Many terrific tools have already been added, and many more await inclusion into the releases as code licensing and ownership issues are resolved.

We hope that DodoCAD can expand to include best of class utilities as offered by many proprietary packages currently. If you know of features you'd like to see, please see the contribute page on how to help and offer feedback.

If you would like to try DodoCAD, download it from the installation page.



* "AutoCAD" and "AutoLISP" are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Incorporated.